Celebrating Veronica & Tony's Marriage

Our wedding tour has three official parties! Let us know what you plan to attend. We're also planning on sending out email updates, so even if you can't be there in person, you can participate from afar.


The Prologue

Our wedding tour began with a private wedding ceremony with our parents, siblings, and their partners on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

Around 3:30pm CT that day, we spent a moment in quiet contemplation of the photons we emit into the universe. To learn what in the world we mean by that, watch this fifteen minute video that starts with a simple question and grows to a place you didn't expect.

Whether you prefer to consciously emit photons or to take your own kind of spiritual pause, we'd love to have your spirits united with us as we begin the celebration of our marriage.

And! Since the potential life of photons is endless, it means it's impossible to be late celebrating with them. Send yours whenever you feel moved to do so.

The Parties

The Registry

Your presence in our lives and your well wishes for our marriage are the most wonderful gift you can give us! We know, however, that gifts are messengers of the support we cherish.

Beyond some traditional (and non-traditional) physical gifts, we invite you to contribute to experiences we’d like to enjoy, including our honeymoon. Even more than that, if you are moved, we would love for you to donate to one of the charities close to our hearts.

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The Couple

We met five years ago in Washington, DC. We've since made many travels, whether to the St. Louis area and to Wall, NJ to visit our families, or around the world for new experiences.

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The Answers

If you've got a question, here are some answers!

What’s a wedding tour?

Well, we made it up. We didn’t want to pick between our homes, so we decided to celebrate at each one. Think of it like a book or music tour: We want to make it easy for you to celebrate with us, so we’re bringing the party to you!

What will the parties be like?

Each party of our wedding tour will have the key elements of a wedding: a grand entrance, a shared celebration of our marriage, and plenty of food and music. Veronica and Tony and both pairs of their parents will be at all three parties. You can check out the details for each of the parties: in St. Louis, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.

Which party should I attend?

We expect you to go to the party that corresponds to how we know you. Know Veronica, Millie, and Ron best? St. Louis in May is for you. Know Anthony, Tony, and Anne best? New Jersey in August is calling your name. Lived in DC while Veronica and Tony did? The capital in October waits for you. If you knew us in school, well, come to the party that most suits you!

Could I attend more than one party?

Wow! We love you, too! Yes, we’re planning on a handful of people besides our parents attending more than one party. Just give us a heads up when you RSVP.

I can’t make any of these dates or places.

Let’s celebrate another way! Just like book and music tours, we welcome the addition of “private events” to our wedding tour.

What do we call you now?

Fair warning; it’s anticlimactic. We are each keeping our names. Formally, we are Ms. Veronica Lee Erb and Mr. Anthony D. Pitale III, but most days, we are Veronica Erb and Tony Pitale. If you need a quick way to refer to the two of us (and perhaps also our dog, Kona), you can say, “The Pitale-Erbs.”

I have more questions!

Send us a note, and we’ll get you some answers.

Get updates and RSVP

Whether you plan to attend, want to follow along, or somewhere in between, be sure to RSVP. You can update whether you'll make it up to the last moment, if needed.